During the reign of King Arthur, an island just off the coast of Scotland was being turned into a home. Because of the numerous and different kinds of apples growing there, the island was named Avalon. They grew rich because of the demand for their delicious apples, until someone found out that the apples had been planted by fairies before they had left. Now, either afraid of a connection to the spirit world or elated at a chance at immortality and possible powers, the number of customers fluctuated. Once King Arthur passed away, many of the customers were competitors for the throne. One thought that, by sending Arthur’s body to Avalon, it would ensure his victory. But as soon as the body touched the shores of the island, a mist enveloped the island, obscuring it from all view. Figuring that magic was keeping the island hidden from sight, most would stay as far away as possible until someone found out that the island had disappeared, taking its exceptional apples, its inhabitants, and Arthur’s body with it.